Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support
Our Opinion Stands Up Under Scrutiny

Disputes over real estate valuation can sometimes end up being litigated. During the litigation process lawyers, judges, juries, and appraisal peers will review both the written document and oral testimony of the real estate appraiser that valued the property in question. Due to this intense level of scrutiny, it is necessary to hire an appraisal firm that has extensive experience with litigation and expert witness testimony. 

At the core, all appraisals and valuations are subjective opinions that are developed by an experienced and unbiased professional. Credible, accurate, and supportable real property appraisals depend on a litany of informative data and skilled experts who know how to defend them on the witness stand. Lake State Realty provides a full complement of real estate valuation litigation support services and expert witness testimony for a variety of clients including, individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, law firms, and government entities in the State of Minnesota and the Federal Government. We provide litigation support services for the most common to the most complex legal challenges involved in real estate.

We provide litigation support services for the most common to the most complex legal challenges involved in real estate related to:

  • Assessments
  • Divorce and partnership
  • Ownership disputes
  • Construction defects
  • Estate settlement
  • Eminent domain/condemnation
  • Bankruptcies and foreclosure
  • Dispute mediation & arbitration
  • Appeals
  • Zoning appeals
  • Diminution in value
  • Ad valorem taxes
  • Encroachment or property line disputes
  • Valuation of “stigmatized” properties
  • Retrospective or Forensic valuations
  • Environmentally impaired properties
  • Title disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Municipal special assessment benefit analysis
  • Fire and casualty loss
  • Insurance claims

Quality expert witness testimony for real estate valuation can be the difference between making or breaking your case and ensuring that it is properly presented.  Confidence on the witness stand is the product of experience, good data, and a thorough understanding of the laws that are applicable by legal counsel. A litigation team without a confident and credible appraiser has little chance of success in the courtroom. 

When you work with us, you can trust that you are working with seasoned professionals who specialize in real estate litigation advisory and support services. Our appraisals and expert witness services have allowed our clients to prevail in millions of dollars at issue in litigation and dispute resolution. Our credible valuations have led to many judges to appoint us as neutral valuation experts in difficult cases.  In addition to our in-house appraisers, we may also work with engineers, land planners, cost estimators, surveyors, architects, and other professionals to ensure that every appraisal is prepared and supported to the highest possible standard. With our experience and proven track record, we are ready and excited to take on any type of appraisal assignment.  Our value opinion stands up under the most intense scrutiny.  

Consulting Services

We also provide consulting services that don’t involve testimony such as appraisal reviews of opposing parties, and performing additional research and analysis to support or discredit valuation conclusions. In many instances, our analysis has allowed clients to settle cases without going to court, ultimately saving time, money, and the ongoing adversities of litigation.

Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support

We deliver credible and defensible expertise to solve a wide variety of complex appraisal problems. Our opinion stands up under the most intense scrutiny.


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