Eminent Domain & Condemnation Appraisals
Fair and Unbiased Eminent Domain Appraisals

Every year in Minnesota there are countless construction projects where land must be acquired for the project to continue. Examples of such projects can include the widening of a road, drainage improvements, building of a pipeline or overhead power line, or else just adding in a sidewalk along a busy residential street. Eminent domain is a necessary function of the government for the betterment of the general public. This power is granted to American governments by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which also requires that a government that takes private property must offer just compensation. 

Since 1991, the eminent domain appraisers at Lake State Realty have been helping both property owners burdened with an involuntary sale of property, and public agencies acting to pursue major projects for the public good. We cover all of Minnesota from Rochester, to Minneapolis, to Duluth, and beyond by providing fair and unbiased eminent domain appraisals. Our centrally located office in White Bear Lake allows us to easily meet with property owners in the field and gain a deeper understanding of the particular acquisition.

Experienced eminent domain appraisal services:

  • Full Acquisition Analysis
  • Partial Acquisition Analysis
  • Special Severance Damage Studies
  • Mitigation Analysis Studies
  • Inverse Condemnation Analysis
  • Easement Valuations
    • Roadways, Right of Entry, and Access
    • Utilities
    • Under and Over Crossings
    • Air Rights
    • Flowage
    • Avigation and Navigation
    • Temporary Easements
    • Permanent Easements

Appraisals for eminent domain and condemnation demand…

specialized valuation techniques and a deep understanding of land use law. We have successfully completed appraisals for various property types for condemnation proceedings for many corporations, individual property owners, engineering firms, and government agencies throughout Minnesota. Our appraisals are completed to the highest standard and can stand up in the courtroom.

Eminent Domain:

The right of government to take private property for public use upon the payment of just compensation. The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, also known as the takings clause, guarantees payment of just compensation upon appropriation of private property.

– The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition


The act or process of enforcing the right of eminent domain.

– The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition

Inverse Condemnation:

An action brought by a property owner for compensation from a government entity that has taken the owner’s property without bringing formal condemnation proceedings; also termed constructive condemnation, reverse condemnation.

– The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition

Eminent Domain & Condemnation Appraisals

Since 1991 we have worked with property owners and public agencies in this specialized area. We’re here to help you.

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