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Lake State Realty is a regionally respected and recognized name in the industry for having the experience and manpower to handle large and complex real estate valuations throughout the Upper Midwest. Our background and experience in real property valuation are significant and broad-based. We offer a full suite of real property valuation and appraisal services for a wide range of property types.

Our appraisal services include:

Kate R

August 15, 2023

Julie was very personable and helpful both during and after the process.

Michael John Doll

August 15, 2023

With Lake State help and advice, we were able to successfully negotiate a fair settlement with the county on compensation for damage in a temporary easement required for a road widening project. I was particularly grateful for the “post assessment” support they provided even after collecting their fee.

Vicki Bristlin

August 15, 2023

We were able to negotiate and receive Lake State Realty’s appraisal amount. Thank you.


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