Gold Coast of White Bear Lake

December 14, 2017

Many real estate agents and even locals will refer to generally the north-eastern shore of White Bear Lake as the “Gold Coast.”  Technically, the Gold Coast is located in Dellwood, Minnesota where one can find some of the most expensive homes in the Twin Cities. The moniker most likely comes from the stunning sunsets year round and/or the high concentration of wealth in the area.

Many local notable families have roots in the area including the Ordway’s as evidenced by the colloquially named (and privately owned) Ordway Street right where MN 244 and MN 96 meet.

There is only one business on White Bear Lake’s Gold Coast, which is the White Bear Lake Yacht Club.  White Bear Lake Yacht Club is a distinguished multi-modal recreational facility that provides members and guests with exceptional social, dining, and recreational opportunities. During the summer of 1922, F. Scott Fitzgerald spent the summer at White Bear Lake and wrote a book called Winter Dreams based on the time spent at the Yacht Club. In the book he called it Black Bear Lake and Black Bear Yacht Club.

There are a total of 40 homes on the Gold Coast of White Bear Lake, some of which have guest houses or guest cottages. There is only one public road on the Gold Coast, MN 244 otherwise known as Dellwood Avenue.  There are two private roads, Peninsula Road and Ordway Street.

Above is a depth map of White Bear Lake – The Gold Coast is highlighted in gold. The water right off the Gold Coast becomes deep rather rapidly as compared to other portions of the lake.

WRITTEN BY: Alex Schwartz

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